In His Bed

Apr 13 2014


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Lunch time

Apr 12 2014


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Executive Desk

Apr 06 2014

I am mainly working here tonight.


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Morning in Manly

Apr 05 2014


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Pretty Sails

Mar 29 2014


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My Career

Mar 28 2014

The next time anyone asks me what I do for a living I’m just going to point them to this YouTube video.

Found on the twitters thanks to Nick Hodge and Jess Dodson.

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Best Seats in the House

Mar 22 2014

Sydney Opera House. Neil Finn. Seats in row C. Get in


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Still Got It

Mar 18 2014


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Clear Water

Mar 14 2014


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A little light distraction

Mar 11 2014

If you have a little spare time you could do worse than watch (and listen to) this amazing episode of “Live from Daryl’s House”.

The Daryl in question was once half of Hall and Oates and here he is playing a few tunes with Rumer. If you haven’t got much time just skip forward to their version of “No Can Do”, it is amazing.

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