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The Orange Taxi

Jul 20 2011 Published by under photo


The new car has arrived. I think it looks marvellous, and everyone who has walked past has stopped to take a look. And definitely not to snigger. There has been no sniggering.

It’s been named the orange taxi for two reasons. The first is rather obvious but the second is because it’s the first diesel car I’ve ever owned or driven and when I was growing up the only car type vehicles with diesel engines were the black cabs in London. I know that they are all the rage now but to this day I can’t hear a diesel engine and not think I should be putting my arm up and whistling for attention.

Two small boys were suitably impressed when I picked them up from school yesterday. I asked if they wanted to go for a drive and they said yes. So I asked where they would like to go (just call me consultative Dad) and they both said “home, so we can play Wii”. There is no pleasing some people. These two were pleased when I took them home and let them play Super Mario Brothers.

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Nearly Here

Jul 16 2011 Published by under General Musings,video

I order our new car in April. Last week I had to sign the paperwork, arrange insurance and agree a price for my part exchange. With a bit of luck and a following wind we will be the proud possessors of a new car early next week. There is only one thing left to sort out.

Which 80′s pop stars are coming with my Kia Sportage?

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