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What have we got here then?

Welcome to "www.I'm a miserable bugger.com" as coined by that 70's throwback during his best man's speech at our wedding.

This is actually the home page for me, Andrew J Todd esq. If you are looking for anyone else I feel you may be sadly disappointed.

New for 2023. I've put all of my recipes in their own section.

New for 2022. I've moved my Mastodon account.

New for 2017. I'm on Mastodon

New for April, 2013. The previous hosts shut down the server without warning. I'm trying to resurrect the web site but please bear with me. Remember, kids, backups are your friends.

New for January, 2009. I've tweaked the page design a bit, can you tell what I have changed?

New for July, 2006. The first photo page to be added in three or so years.

New for June, 2003. A whole extra domain. You can now get here using either http://www.andrew-todd.com/ or the all new, shiny, http://www.andrew-todd.org/. Your choice.

New for March, 2003. A completely different look for this web site, again. I've gone back to basics in the vain hope that my Dad will now be able to read this web site and not complain that the background is black (well, actually a rather attractive dark blue).

New for November 2002. I have updated the About me page to reflect our changed circumstances.

New for October 2002. The diary has moved again. New features include the ability to add comments to my musings.

New for June 2002. A page of photos from our farewell to Sydney dinner.

New for June 2002. A new page. Where are we now?. This is your online guide to our whereabouts over the next few months.

New for . This web site has moved. If you are using http://www.andrew-todd.com/ then you shouldn't notice any difference, hopefully.

New for April 2002. The Easter Bunny Chronicles in the Photo Album.

New for March 2002. A picture of the family Reeve has been added to the Miscellaneous photos page.

New for January 2002, look, its a new design for the home page. If you like it feel free to send me an email.

If you are here by mistake may I recommend departing for pastures new where there is a slim chance you may become slightly better informed.

All of the bits and pieces of this web site can be accessed through the navigation links to the left.

For those who pine for the old front page, we have;

Technical Stuff

Nerdy bits and bobs have been moved to their own web site.

If you can't find what you want, try sending me an e-mail.