We Got Engaged and we had a Party!

Some pictures from our engagment party 24.02.2001

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Try and look normal Adam

Early in the evening everyone was refined and well behaved. Except this mob of course.

Mummy, what did you do before I came along?

Cathy Jones, in the full flight of pregnancy, was our responsible adult for the evening. Well, she managed to steer Chris and I home safely.

Hello Everybody

At the party there was lots of jolly talking. Here we find, amongst others; Robin, Emma, Ben and Jackie smiling happily for the camera in the middle of a discussion of the merits of existentialism in modern corporate thinking.

Its the Davis'

Adam and Jo reclining in the sumptuous surroundings of Middle Harbour Yacht club. The quarterdeck room to be precise.

The Ladies

Kate and Debbie taking a breather. Phew, the (talking) action was non-stop.

More Ladies

Sushila and Jo took time out from sharing Oracle Financials tips for this shot.

The Allens

Richard and Belinda were in fine form. They took time out from busy socialising to pose for this picture

Cheesy Grins

Bobo, Anthony, Jackie, Chris and Lynne bring out their best teeth out poses for the camera.

Look at my rock

The charming host and hostess pose for a 'quality' picture. Note the prominent position of Bobo's left hand as she shows off her engagement ring. Money well spent I'm reliably informed.

More Shmoo Please

Bobo and Fiona examine the quality of the champagne. Apparently it was satisfactory. Whilst we are here, please admire Fiona's handbag - it was a birthday present you know.


The Geezer here is holding Bobo hostage until he can acquire more booze. Little did he know that the champagne was complimentary all night. Boy did he look sheepish when he found out.


Jon Palmer and I try and decide if we should have another drink. After a long period of contemplation we decided the answer was emphatically - YES!

Luvverly Jubbly

Gary and the Geezer enjoy the free schmoo whilst Michael looks on and I helpfully offer to show them where the bar is. I have been told I am nothing if not considerate.


Fiona and I were definitely in agreement that the free champagne was 'mighty fine'. She was even performing the 'wine testers pout' to check the body of the wine as well. What dedication.

Ladies Love Cool Dave

Here we have the Budgie and his"ladies". Its OK girls, he is still single.


Finally, another completely unstaged photo shows us (from the rear) Ben, Robin, Gary, Fiona and Bobo. We can be sure from this photo that a good time was had by all.