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Benjamin Brian Reeve

We landed in Sydney on the 30th of December, 2002 and after the obligatory nap our first engagement was New Years Eve. As ever, it was graciously hosted by the Reeve family. Here is a picture of the patriarch Benjamin Brian Reeve. I would trust this man to train my staff, oh yes I would.

Milly Reeve

The highlight of New Years Eve in Sydney are the fireworks in the harbour. There is a big display at 9pm and a few sparks at midnight. Milly came with us to see the nine o'clock show, which was cancelled due to high winds. Her Dad stayed at home claiming fatigue, the big wuss.

Reeve Mansions

The highlight of the evening was watching television. In years gone past there would have been drinking, dancing, jumping off chairs and probably carpet molestation. Either we are getting more mature or have given up any pretensions to being party animals. Of course, the fact that we started the day with lunch at the Watermark may have had some effect on our energy levels.

Barmy Army

Our next ritual social occassion was the start of the test match on the 2nd of January. Note my patriotic attire. Sadly we didn't get to see a Darren Gough hat-trick this time, but England did manage to win the game.

Gary G Whiston esq

I just couldn't resist posting this picture of this fine figure of manhood, Gary Whiston. That is his daughter in the corner running to get the rescue team to roll him back into the sea.

My car

I sold my car. Bah humbug. If you have it now please make sure you look after it.

Maddie Lewis

We are back in blighty here. In february we helped the in laws celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary. Here is a picture of their grand-daughter (and my niece by marriage) Madeline Lewis. Isn't she sweet. Of course she was throwing a tanty for most of the day, apart from this brief on camera interlude.

The happy couple

Here we have Mr and Mrs Perry cutting their cake. Very nice it was too. Thanks for a lovely lunch, and afternoon tea.