Our Wedding

Pictures from the 16th of August, 2002

All of the images on this page are copyright Mike Browne. He is a mighty fine photographer, as you can see from his work here. If you are in the UK and you need some pictures taken he is definitely your man.

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Mr Pink, Mr Green and Mr 70s

An image straight from a Quentin Tarantino film as the gentlemen assemble prior to the off

Suits you sir

Were you out with a lady last night sir? No, well step this way through the gatehouse to our venue

the bridal party

The bridal party assembles before the ceremony. From the left we have the blushing bride, her father, the matron of honour (Mrs Emma Palmer) and the flower girl (Phoebe Lewis)

Walking down the aisle

The first photo of Mr and Mrs Andrew J Todd esq. The room is the dining room of Powderham Castle.

Posed? Surely not

The official wedding photo. Don't they make a lovely couple.

Ankle Biters

The bride and groom with assembled nieces and nephews. Take a bow (from the left) Lucy Perry, Harry Perry, Phoebe Lewis, Charlie Perry and the ever smiling Madeline Lewis

The Perry Family

The Perry Family assembled for a group photo. From the rear left Nigel Lewis, Maddie Lewis, Giles Perry, Peter Perry, Julia Lewis, Pat Perry, The wife, yours truly, Stella Perry, Lorna Perry, Nick Perry, Pat Perry. In the front row Phoebe Lewis, Lucy Perry, Charlie Perry and Harry Perry

The Todd Family

The Todd Family assembled for a group photo. From the rear left Mark Ramsbottom, Victoria Clare Todd, Pat Slade, John Todd, The wife, yours truly, Helen Todd, Lynn Todd, Brian Todd and in the front - hang on, there is a blow in - Phoebe Lewis

The Wedding Party

From the rear left, the master of ceremonies Mr Jon East, yours truly, The Wife, the matron of honour Mrs Emma Palmer, the best Man Mr Matthew "Seventies Throwback" Molland and the flower girl Phoebe Lewis