My Cooking Holiday

Pictures from our cooking holiday in the south of France May, 2003

These are for all of the people on the course; Ali, Donna, Kathy, Linda, Paula, Suzi and not forgetting Alex, Peter and Di

Click on any of the thumbnails to get a larger picture.

A rare moment of rest

The student, ever busy, snatches a moment of respite under the cooling shade of the wisteria

The walking partners

Fiona takes this opportunity to pose for the camera. Rosie was merely still on the prowl for more snacks.

The kitchen

The scene of our culinary triumphs. Oh, and Alex does the occasional bit of cooking in there too.

The bouillabaisse

For the unintiated, this is fish stew. The cultured would call it bouillabaisse, and it was truly scrumptious.


The dish is tarte tartin, and it is cooked upside down. Here I demonstrate the perfect turning technique prior to serving.

Turning complete

Et voila. The tarte is turned and ready to be consumed. It was very nice indeed.

At work

The team working in the kitchen. It was tough in there.

Paula and pasta

Here is Paula demonstrating how easy it is to make pasta.

Long, and circular

Not quite a moebius strip, but here are Paul and Ali demonstrating Alex's cunning trick to stop you losing the end of your strip of pasta.


A typical lunch at Le Baou d'Infer. Its a tough week and you have to be pretty dedicated to survive it.


Rosie on the prowl. For a dog on a diet there are slim pickings.


We made some lemon puddings. They were lovely and may well crop up on a desert plate near you soon. Note the use of the word may.

The happy couple

I spent a week slaving in the kitchen, she snoozed - a lot. Who got the best deal then?


We made some souffles, and they were delicious. I shall not be sharing the secrets of their fluffiness though, oh no.


Just to prove here excuse for lounging, and snoozing, here is Fiona at her finest. Nice pool missus.


Once the cooking is done, what is left to do but wait for meal time. Its a good thing that the waiting area was so hospitable

Ali and Suzi

Here are Ali and Suzi at the Auberge in La Mole, a very popular restuarant indeed. Especially with us.


Paula at the Auberge.

St Tropez

At repose in St Tropez. They let us out to play for a couple of hours on Saturday morning, but only to buy more food to cook.

A pass

The end of the week, a certificate of achievement and the highly prized cooking apron.