Some Photos from Late 2003

I finally downloaded the two hundred plus photographs I had on my digital camera. These are the highlights.

Click on any of the thumbnails to get a larger picture.

Vikki, Bobo and Iain

In early August 2003 Vikki and Mark slipped off to Christchurch, New Zealand and got married. When they came back they had the good grace to have a party. Here is the blushing bride, her sister in law and her brother.

No more lager for you

Bobo was driving, and this was her admonishment to me that I shouldn't imbibe any more. After all we had a small boy to get back to for his midnight feed.

Dad, Alexander and Tower Bridge

For my birthday the family accompanied me on a visit to HMS Belfast. Here is a shot from the gangway with Tower Bridge in the background.

What a nice towel

Baby bath time is a highlight in our house. I'm not sure if the attractive towels improve the experience or not. Alexander is in two minds as well.

Mad mad

Maddie Lewis on the Bluebell railway Santa special. She enjoyed it, no really she did. I'd also like to point out that the scar on her nose was present before we took charge of her and her sister.

Father Christmas and Uncle Steve

On Christmas Eve Mummy got Alexander dressed up and took us round to the Mahoney's for pre-Christmas cold drinks. Steve is demonstrating his amazing child care skills here, the man should be presenting Play School.

Le Chef

On Christmas Day I foolishly agreed to cook the lunch. For eleven people. I must have been mad. Still, no one got food poisoning so it can't have been all bad. Here I am demonstrating how to add whipped cream to a trifle.

Aunty Nor Nor and Father Christmas

On Boxing Day we repaired to Perry Mansions and the entire clan gathered. Here is Alexander in his special suit being greeted by his Auntie Lorna. Bless.

A Strange Man

Look, its the International Man of Tax. Can you tell that he used to play in the front row for Hove (actually)?

Quality Sofa Time

Granny and Grandpa popped round on New Year's Day. Here they are showing their grandson how best to drink tea and watch television.


For the benefit of competitive mum, here is Alexander showing the very advanced skill of being able to hold his own cup. Mind you, she had to tell him that it contained lager before he would go anywhere near it.

Where's my food?

I had to include this photo, because it is too cute to be true. Here is our favourite young man patiently waiting for his lunch.