Christmas 200 in the UK

Click on any of the thumbnails to get a larger picture

Click on any of the thumbnails to get a larger picture.

We're in the sky

A picture of Bobo and Lorna on the London Eye. Can you tell they are sisters? A fine ride and much fun for all. We highly recommend it.

So whats all the fuss about?

We went to the Millenium Dome. Wasn't it nice of the government to jobs for all of those unemployed east enders. Even if it was only for a year. In a silly outfit. For the minimum possible wage ...


Did I say the UK? Well, we managed a side trip to Copenhagen. Visiting such a cultural centre it would be rude not to visit the local brewery. In this case Ny Carlsberg. Hmmm, lager.


Another shot of me between two elephants at the Carlsberg brewery. Gunnar and Lise look on in a slightly bemused manner.


Yet another shot of the gates to the Carlsberg brewery. Unfortunately it was shut that day, luckily we managed to pop back the next day and undertake the arduous tour, culminating in a couple of cold ones at the cellar door.


Another obligatory stop is by the statue of the little mermaid. This was put up after Hans Christian Andersen wrote the story. See if you can guess which part has been stolen twice.


Gunnar and Lise kindly took us to the Viking museum. Here they have rescued a number of boats from the fjord and tried to reconstruct them. Bobo here is trying to compare the sea going capabilities of this ship compared to Resolute.


Finally from Copenhagen, here is a lovely shot from the Tivoli gardens. Every year they decorate the gardens with lots of festive lights and chestnut sellers. Lovely.

Look, baby

A picture of Bobo with her niece Madeline Lewis. Maddy here is two days old and wondering just who this bruised person holding her is. Note, the mark on Bobo's nose was self inflicted, with the help of the kitchen cupboards at her Mum and Dads house.


You have to do the odd tourist trip, even when visting the family. On the way to Devon we stopped off at Stonehenge for a cup of coffee and a photo opportunity.

More Lager

The next few images are from a cultured evening spent in various pubs around Exmouth. As you can see from this picture Donny and I spent a long time discussing the merits of greater economic integration with Europe.


Donny decided to go solo and encapsulated our discussion in song. I believe this was the second verse. An alternative description of this photo is that he is saying"Let me tell you, I will tell you."I leave the choice to the discerning visitor.


Mr Molland here is informing the team of the state of the UK market for discounted new cars. Mind you, he could just be grinning from the preceding eight pints of Nelson.


A picture of the contented imbibers gathered at the Royal Beacon Hotel. Good to see that Robert is still behind the bar after all of these years. The man in the orange coat is Matthew, and we are very worried that his face may stay like that if the wind changes.

Cheese! (again)

Christmas Day in the Todd household is always a relaxed and carefree event. Here we are playing one of our favourite games -"Stay still and smile in a scary way". I'd buy a used car from any of these people.


Phoebe and Madeline's two grandfathers combine to solve the arduous task of finding the pairs in this pack of cards. It only took half an hour for them to complete matching, I believe Phoebe can now do it in five minutes.

Breathe deeply

Phoebe Lewis and Uncle John show Daddy how to breathe through a nose pack of blu-tack. An essential skill if you spend a lot of time at the bottom of a ruck.

I can't feel my feet

Cold? Cold? Certainly blooming was. Luckily the snow didn't come down until the morning of our last day in the UK. The bad news was that this meant that all of the roads in Berkshire were shut. Strangely enough, as soon as we passed over the border into Surrey this was no longer a problem. Must have been caused by a grit shortage in Reading or something.