Photos from Christmas 1999

Action shots from Christmas 1999

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Christmas Eve at home

Bobo here is a picture of contentment on Christmas Eve as she surveys all of the presents she will get to open tomorrow. My present was at the bottom of the pile.

The picture of manhood

After frolicking on the beach for a couple of hours on Christmas Day we repaired to the Gladstone's house. Gary is pictured here surveying the pool whilst also keeping a vigilant eye on the barbecue.

Strange man in a pool

Whilst Gary was keeping an eye on the turkey our host decided to get in the Christmas spirit by taking a dip with a festive hat on. Shame about the goggles though.

Water Babies

Just showing that love of the water starts early in this country. Guess who didn't need extra bouyancy? I, meanwhile, am running for cover in case Bobo gets any ideas.

A bit of sharking

When we had exhausted their patience we went back to the Whistons for dangerous cocktails. Here Gary is letting Jon and I share a fresh batch of Mango Daquiris. The sharks were our Christmas presents and pretty funky they are too.