More Festive Photos

Photos from Boxing Day and New Years Eve 1999

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Boxing Day at home

On Boxing day we cooked a traditional Christmas roast dinner, with a twist. The twist being that the turkey was cooked on the barbecue. But who cares, look at that lovely pile of brussel sprouts.

Lots and lots of lovely food

Look at all of that lovely food. Who could resist such culinary delights? Well, Gary and Fiona obviously couldn't.

Just a little rest

Just to prove who does all of the work around here, Bobo has a quick sit down after her sterling efforts in the kitchen. Don't mention the dirty feet though!

Jonny where's your trousers

Moving on to New Years Eve, Richard and Belinda hosted a black tie party. Mr Palmer found his black tie, its just a shame about his trousers. We tried to tell him, but he claimed it was a fashionable look. Any and all captions are welcome.

Fridge posing

Its amazing what a few drinkies can do. Emma, Jon and Richard show us all how it should be done - and they are in the kitchen. Luckily we ram out of film before they started entertaining in the lounge!