Christmases Gone By

Photos from Christmas celebrations before 1999

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The family Todd

Yes, Iain and Vikki did make it to Sydney, and, yes, we took the classic tourist photo from Mrs Macquarie's chair. Everyone smile now please.

Happy Christmas

This was taken early on Christmas Day morning 1998. Vikki was glad to be in Australia, I was still asleep. Its just lucky that someone had given me a Crown.

Skirt Wearing Nancy Boys

Later in the day the beer started to kick in. I thought I was hallucinating when people in skirts turned up, but luckily I have this photographic proof. By the way, the bloke in the dress comes from Walton Upon Thames.

Wow, what a shirt

Gunnar proves that you can't look good wearing a female rash vest after several bottles of Crown lager. It is nice to know that he has grown up since this photo was taken.

Jumping into the New Year

New Years Eve 1998. This photo was taken at about 15 seconds to midnight. To the left you see the Danish boys celebrating the traditional way by"leaping into the New Year". I still think they were making it up after all of that vodka.